The History of Ibiza

Experience the mystique and allure of Ibiza Town, where whispers from centuries past invite you to explore its enigmatic charm.

Step into the heart of Dalt Vila, the old town, where cobblestone streets tell tales from the 1600s. Wander through narrow alleyways that echo ancient civilizations, while the Catalan castle, built in 1235, stands guard over the town’s mysteries.

Ibiza Town’s shadowy corners reveal a unique cultural blend, with Eivissa, its Catalan name, resonating through its passages. This city, with a history spanning 2,500 years, holds secrets within the walls of its UNESCO World Heritage Site. Venture to the Gothic cathedral atop Dalt Vila, where panoramic views across the coastline cast a spellbinding charm.

As night falls, the town transforms into a realm of captivating nightlife, with world-renowned clubs inviting you into their embrace. Amidst the vibrant energy, there’s an air of mystery where renowned personalities discreetly navigate luxury hotels and exclusive hotspots.

Discover hidden gems like the La Marina area and Vara Del Ray guest house, nestled between old and new town. Explore cultural treasures in museums and galleries, where artifacts and artworks whisper tales of time.

Traversing the island reveals more mysteries, facilitated by a reliable bus service and the alluring Discobus, which runs between Ibiza Town and San Antonio, especially from May to September.

Ibiza Town is more than a destination; it’s a riddle waiting to be unraveled, a tapestry of history, culture, and nightlife that beckons travelers to unlock its secrets. Immerse yourself in the mystique of Ibiza Town, where each cobblestone holds a story, and every whisper invites you to become part of its timeless allure.


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